M.Bronx is an American singer/songwriter and producer. Originally known for his dynamic writing ability, M.Bronx quickly caught the attention of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. He has written songs for some of the biggest artists in the world, most notably, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Calvin Harris. M.Bronx’s unique voice has been demanded on numerous EDM tracks that he wrote for world renowned DJ’s such as Hardwell, Borgeous, Morgan Page, and Audien. Though his talents are endless, M.Bronx has yet to embark on his own solo career, until now. He is currently creating his debut EP with his first two singles set to release in July 2018. Despite his long list of accomplishments, this is only the beginning for M.Bronx.


Tell Me Where You've Been - M.BRONX Original

 Video Games - M.BRONX Cover 


I want to release my EP on all music platforms, entice tastemakers by playing  with the artistic nature of how this music can be performed in a live setting as well as through visual content.  I am a multifaceted artist, I want to utilize the full spectrum of my creative abilities to set this project apart .

- M








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The concept for "Numb" is based on visual duality.


The opening shot is silent. We see two characters standing draped over one another like a silk sheet over a statue. The first girl has a gentle look. Her clothes are nude in color and airy. The second woman is covered in a dark linen like fabric. Her face and body covered. She mirrors the pose of the first girl as she drapes her body over her like a shadow. They stand still in the center of a blank canvas. The camera slowly zooms into the characters. Their movements minimal but intentional. 


The piano starts to play...


We cut to M. in a blank room. High contrast lighting and shadows fill the room and the single character. 

He starts to sing the first verse. The camera again repeats the slow zoom motion and continues to move closer to the character making Bronx more visually vulnerable to the audience.


We cut back to the first set of dancers. They start to subtly move throughout the space while the pre chorus plays. The cuts start to be more frequent. The momentum builds as we get more and more close up shots of the girls and the moving material that drapes and carries over their bodies.


The Drop hits

we cut to two men. Both have similar looks. They resemble one another like a man and his shadow. They too are draped in overgrown material. The drop hits and they perform an eerie duet like sequence throughout the rest of the drop/chorus section.


Second Verse


We cut to an open room with a large tub in the center of the shot. The tub is filled with a thick black tar-like liquid. The first girl lays in the dark liquid. We cut back to a wide shot of the tub in the room. Here we see the shadow characters line the floor around the base of the tub. They move their limbs like snakes, starting to climb and slither up the sides of the tub. 


We cut back to inside the tub and both the girl and her shadow lay opposite the tub mirroring one another's movements. The camera cuts more frequently as the shadow creatures progress into the tub and the pre-chorus finishes.


Second Drop


The drop hits and we see the main girl finally give into the shadow creatures, as she becomes swallowed up in their bodies and consumed by their bodies and movements. The black liquid splashes and pours over the side of the tub onto the white space creating incredible contrast and movement. 


The last shot is of the tub empty with just the liquid still rippling as the camera slowly zooms out.








Location: Forest at night time.


We open with the camera fixed onto the bright moon. The moon takes up 1/3 of the frame. 

The camera pans down exposing the tops of the trees and continues to the base of the forest. 


We see a girl in her mid 20's with long silver/white hair. Her hair is in dozens of loose braided strands. Her clothes are long and draped. Her look is a bit witchy but still remains high fashion. She lights a single candle and sets it down in front of her. The camera pans into her slowly as she stands still in the center of the dark forest. The wind begins to blow and the flame from the candle disappears.


The music starts...


The girl starts to perform ritualistic types of movements. The only lighting utilized in this series of shots is from the moon itself. The scene is still fairly dark and shadowed. The camera moves around the forest capturing her from a distance. The young woman connects with the forest as she builds up the energy with every single movement. 


The chorus hits...


As the chorus hits we see the floor of the forest flash. Orbs of light begin to pulsate like large beating hearts underneath the surface of the ground. The forest becomes alive. The girl continues to dance. Her movement become larger and aggressive. The forest light begins to change colors as the energy builds.


We continue triggering the lights throughout the rest of the song to reflect the mood of each part of the track. 


The last chorus plays and the energy is at the peak of her performance. We approach the end of the song. The lights are fully illuminated as they rip through every spectrum of color. The girls movements are as large as can be and explosive with every expression. The song ends  sharply and the girl disappears completely fine the frame. The lights on the forest floor pulsate and dim slowly till they are jon existent. We slowly zoom into the center where the single candle sits. The forest is silent as we see the candle re-ignite in a flash. 


Cut to black.



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